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Use of OneNote on a Boox Note Air2 Plus, see video below:

The Onyx Boox e-readers run on the Android operating system, offering endless possibilities. Through the Google Play Store, you can download and install various useful apps.

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Google Play Store on Onyx Boox e-readers/Tablets (please note, the procedure may be updated or improved with each new release of a Boox tablet/e-reader; so this method might be outdated):
Registration with your Google account is required before you can use the Play Store.

Registration procedure for Google Play Store:
Turn on Wi-Fi.
Go to settings - applications and check 'enable Google Play'.
Then click on GSF ID and enter your Google account details.
After that, restart and you can go to the play store where you can log in with your Google account. Sometimes it may take a few hours for the registration to be completed in Google's systems.

Here's the instructional video: