With the doodroo Screen Protectors you can turn your Boox or iPad into a tablet with the real paper writing feeling.

Drawing or writing has never felt so good

Take your Wacom Stylus Pen or Apple Pencil experience to the next level

A natural, sensitive and fast-reacting surface?

Yes, dead red is the answer!

Unparalleled sensation of the real sound of a pencil/pen.
Whether you write or draw, doodroo makes it possible.

Drawing and writing never felt so good.

A Screen Protector that turns your tablet screen into a drawing pad

Work the way you want
from architect to tattoo artist, Doodroo has reinvented sketching.

Live your life
Made for the student, creator and go-getter.
Unparalleled accuracy with every brush and no lack of response.
Anti-scratch yet so natural and precise for unlimited possibilities.

Beyond the Apple Pencil
Watching a movie, reading, browsing or just anything makes your ipad or Onyx Boox better with Doodroo.
The anti-glare protection provides excellent visibility in any lighting and has unparalleled accuracy.

Easy to install and ready to fit your device.

Available for iPad, Surface Pro and Onyx Boox.
2 pieces in package.