What is an eBook?
An e-book is the electronic version of a book. Like an MP3 file that can be listened to on an MP3 player, a digital book is a file that can be opened and read on an e-reader, but also on your computer.

What is an eReader?
An e-reader is a device that is specially intended for reading e-books. E-readers are distinguished from other devices, such as the laptop or computer, by the screen. With an e-reader, the screen is made of so-called. 'e-ink'. Unlike an LCD screen, an e-ink screen does not reflect and is excellent to read even in full sunlight.

What is Adobe Digital Editions?
Adobe Digital Editions is software from the company Adobe. Digital Editions allows you to read and manage digital books. The software also ensures that e-book files that you download are converted into ePub or PDF

What is an Adobe ID?
When you install Adobe Digital Editions for the first time, you will be prompted to authorize your computer once using your Adobe ID. Click here to create an Adobe ID.

What about secure eBooks?
There are 2 ways of securing e-books:

Digital Watermark
In the Netherlands/Europe, the most common form of security is the Adobe-published Digital Watermark. This is a customer-friendly way of securing, where you do not need any software to read your e-books. You can easily put the ePub/pdf file on your e-reader or computer, so you don't need any software. The Digital Watermark contains features, whereby the owner/buyer of the e-book file must adhere to the rules drawn up by the publisher of an e-book. The owner can be traced by the publisher (if, for example, abuse is made).

Adobe Digital Editions
In addition, there is the not so customer-friendly/old-fashioned Adobe Digital Editions security. The purchased e-book file (.acsm) must first be converted to an ePub file using the software from Adobe (Digital Editions).
The procedure is first create an Adobe ID and then upload your e-book to (the authorized) Adobe D.E. You can then transfer to devices authorized with the same Adobe account (up to the maximum number of copies, determined by the publisher).
This is easier with Onyx Boox e-readers and tablets: you need to download/install this software from the Play Store. Then create an account if you don't already have one and import your e-books into it. Your e-reader is then authorized with an Adobe D.E. account.