Very handy holder for your iPad or other tablet, suitable for all models
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Tablift Tablet holder - Black

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A new dimension in tablet holders: Tablift

The Tablit is an iPad stand or tablet holder where you can use your tablet very flexibly at any desired location, hands-free if desired.

3 Positions for a Natural Experience
You can place the Tablift in 3 positions, making it ideal for video chat conversations, for example. Sit back for a relaxed conversation

Tablift is suitable for many tablets
The Tablift is suitable for the following tablets: iPad (all models, full size and mini, Samsung (all models), Amazon Kindle, Asus, Google, Microsoft, etcetera. Max. 10 mm wide.

The bed is one of the places where people use their tablet or e-reader the most.

The vast majority of tablet holders are made for a flat surface and only 12% of users use the tablet in that situation.

Tablift is the perfect solution to use your tablet or e-reader without having to hold it. On bed, on the couch and even on an uneven surface.

The Tablift is suitable for any tablet, large, small, iPad or other brand.

Read our important message about iPad Pros
The tablift works with all iPad Pros, large (in landscape mode) and smaller sizes. We have sold thousands of tablift units to owners of iPad Pros. Recently, in a small minority of situations (less than 1% of iPad Pro users), we have received some reports that the tablift left small indentations on the back of the iPad. This did not affect functionality, but it did leave small marks.

In order to prevent this from happening, we suggest that you use a slim hard case while using your iPad Pro with the tablift. This will prevent any marks from being made. We have had zero reports of this issue with any other iPad or any other tablet brand or model.

So if you have an iPad Pro, and want to get a hard case to prevent this, the case must be less than 10mm in thickness in order to fit into the slots of the tablift.