For the real writing experience like on paper, 2 pieces in packaging
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Doodroo Screenprotector Onyx Boox Tab X

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The boox  finally becomes a real paper notebook.
The First and original  Paper Feel Screen protector made for Onyx Box
Doodroo has managed to recreate a screen protecting film with the same resistance and sound of a pencil writing on paper. An extraordinary result to date and long dreamed by notetaker
Before doodroo, using the boox  offered a very different experience from real paper Being that the traction of the Pen on the boox screen was very low !
As a result, notetakers could not experience the same feeling of natural support.
Everything changes thanks to doodroo, who created a special screen protecting film.

Laboratory tests have shown that pen  has a resistance of 0,24 whilst using a doodroo. In comparison a pencil on paper has a resistance of 0,25, practically recreating the natural way to draw or write.
The doodroo film protects the boox screen from scratches and thanks to it’s anti-glare surface, it’s usable under any light condition. With no lack in response, the Pen has never felt so natural, as well as comfortably using it with fingers. The film is fully functional with boox  Pen
Easy to instal with video instruction and no bubble gurantee


2x doodroo Film
2x Application Sticker Set
2x Screen Cleaner Set
2x Dust Absorber
2x Applicator
1x Instructions Sheet

  • Drawing or writing has never felt so good
  • Take your Onyx Boox Wacom Stylus pen or Apple Pencil experience to the next level
  • A natural, sensitive and fast-reacting surface? Yes, doodroo is the answer!
  • Unparalleled sensation of the real sound of a pencil. Whether you write or draw, doodroo makes it possible.

  • one screen protector that turns your tablet screen into a drawing pad
  • Natural surface feeling
  • Real writing sounds
  • Exact positioning

Work the way you want
From architect to tattoo artist, Doodroo has reinvented sketching

Live your life
Made for the student, creator and go-getters.
Unparalleled accuracy with every brush and no lack of response.
Anti-scratch yet so natural and precise for unlimited possibilities.

Beyond the Apple Pencil
Watching a movie, reading, browsing or just anything makes your ipad or Onyx Boox better with Doodroo.
The anti-glare protection provides excellent visibility in any lighting and has unparalleled accuracy

Easy to install and ready to fit your device
Available for iPad, Surface Pro and Onyx Boox

2 pcs in package

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