ePaper Monitor High Resolution voor comfortabel kijken
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Boox Mira Pro - 25.3" e-inkt Monitor + Monitor Standaard

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BOOX Mira Pro 25.3" e-ink Monitor + Monitor Standard
Just like paper. No tiring backlight illumination.
Enjoy content with the most comfortable viewing.

The Onyx Boox Mira Pro is a brand new dedicated 25.3 inch E INK monitor with a high resolution of 3200*1800 and 145 dpi that protects your eyes while providing a wide view. This monitor is perfect for anyone who needs an eye-friendly larger secondary screen for coding, text editing, web surfing, workflow and many other usage scenarios.

The Onyx Boox Mira Pro is a new 25 inch E INK monitor, equipped with Aragonite's self-developed BSR super refresh technology, with a screen-to-body ratio of 85%. It has a full aluminum alloy body and supports horizontal and vertical rotation. It has a resolution of 2K and is pleasing to the eye.

The Mira Pro has a resolution of 3200×1800 and has no buttons on the front. It has a Mini HDMI to Full HDMI port and can be connected to your computer's graphics card. There are numerous operating systems it supports, such as Windows 10, MAC OS, Android, Linux. It comes with a stand that can be rotated from portrait to landscape mode and of course it supports VESA, for custom stands.

Comfortable viewing
25.3 inch E Ink screen with a high resolution of 3200*1800 and 145 dpi protects your eyes while providing a wide view.

Enjoy listening
Dual speakers can stream high-quality sound and give you the essence of using an all-rounder.

Suits every task
You can lift, tilt and swivel Mira Pro with its stand. The VESA interface keeps more options open.

True versatility
With 5 ports, you can easily connect your base station and peripherals to Mira Pro and charge them with a cable. Mira Pro can also be used as a secondary monitor compatible with various systems and devices.

System and device compatibility

Rest assured to use it in more ways
The 75x75 VESA interface on the back of Mira Pro makes it compatible with a variety of monitor arms and mounts. You can easily install it on a wall and on a desk and rotate Mira Pro to any angle you want.

Adjustable ergonomic stand
The sleek, modern stand can firmly support Mira Pro and help you adjust the desktop E Ink monitor to your desired position effortlessly. It also takes up less space and offers a cable management opening so you can keep your desk organized and clean.

Tilt 40°
Height adjustment 50 mm
Rotate 90°


Screen: 25.3" Eiink glass EPD, 16 gray level (monochrome)
Resolution: 3200x1800 (145ppi)
Port and interface: HDMI x1, Mini HDMI x1, USB Type C x 1, DP x 1, DC x 1 (12V, 3A), standard VESA interface (75 x 75mm)

2 buttons and 1 scroll wheel including:
Function button x1
Scroll wheel x1
Refresh button x1

Speaker: Dual Speakers
Display dimensions: 594.2 x 349.2 x 26.5mm (11mm)
Weight display: =2750g
Standard dimensions: 222mm (117.2mm) x 152 (126.4) x 380mm
Standard weight: =2730g

Photobiological safety certified

Included in the box
Onyx Boox Mira Pro
Full aluminum adjustable stand
USB Type-C cable
HDMI cable
Mini HDMI cable
100~240V adapter
Quick start guide
Warranty sheet