Monitor ePaper para una visualización cómoda + Funda para soporte
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Boox Mira 13.3" eMonitor de papel - AGOTADO

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BOOX 13.3" Mira ePaper Monitor
Just like paper. No tiring backlight lighting, but eye-friendly fronlight lighting (can also be switched off).
Enjoy content with the most comfortable viewing.

All-in-one computer monitor and tablet with E Ink (e-paper, technology).
This is an indispensable aid for people with photosensitivity and vision problems after a concussion. Standard computer monitors operate using liquid crystal display (LCD) technology and refresh their screens at a rate of 60 times per second. This flicker can be perceived by individuals with photosensitivity, which can lead to eye strain, headaches, and computer intolerance. LCD screens also emit blue light, which can lead to damaged retinal cells over time.

Since the Mira is not backlit, it emits no backlight, including blue light. They also refresh at a much slower rate than LCD, alleviating screen sensitivity, eye strain and possibly, over time, retinal damage.

Most of us rely heavily on computers and other screens to perform our work, learn and manage our daily lives. The ONYX BOOX Mira will help you increase your tolerance and comfort at work, school and life by:

Mimic the look of regular ink on paper
Provides a comfortable, low contrast, unlit image
Reducing sensitivities to backlighting and flickering of computer monitors
Relieve eyestrain, headaches, visual stress and intolerance to computer screens
Providing a potential solution for individuals with post-concussion syndrome, migraines, ADHD and other neurological problems that affect vision and perception
A recent study published in the Journal of Neurotrauma examined the use of non-LCD screens for individuals with post-concussion syndrome and computer screen intolerance. The study had very positive results with increased screen tolerance and longer reading time without symptoms.

Often, trying to return to work and school after a head injury is delayed due to sensitivities to the fluorescent lighting and screens in the classroom or workplace. This monitor can offer a temporary solution until the rehabilitation has progressed so far that housing is no longer necessary.

Leading display technology
Supplied with Magnetic Stand-Cover, HDMI cable + USB C cable.
Moves fast, little lag.
Adjustable refresh rate.
Customizable refresh mode
Fluid different tasks.

Mira Software is used together with Mira to quickly adjust monitor and PC settings. Available soon.

Boox 13.3" Mira:
Resolution 2200x1650
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Ports: 3
Touch: Panel Supported

Text Mode:

Video Modus:

Slider Modus:

*The refresh rate of E Ink monitors is not as fast as that of conventional monitors, and a higher rate results in more ghosting. In PC connection extended mode, Mira's response speed also depends on the PC's CPU.

The secondary E-ink monitor you're looking for
Dual-light mode, ranging from warm light to cold light, suits any environment and task.

Comfortable viewing
13.3-inch E Ink display with a high resolution of 2200*1650 and 207 dpi reduces blue light and eye strain.

Slim and portable
590g, 5.6mm at thinnest point. The ultra-thin design with durable aluminum offers a portable experience.

Multiple inputs
Mira can be connected to your computer, smartphone and more devices with a USB Type-C port and a mini HDMI port. It is compatible with different systems, so you can enjoy complete flexibility.

System and device compatibility

Touch and operate
Mira's touch screen lets you tap, drag, swipe, and control the screen, all depending on your movements. The touch function is available for Windows, macOS and Android.

Rest assured to use it in more ways
The 75x75 VESA interface on the back of Mira makes it compatible with a variety of mounts. So you can lift, tilt, swivel and pivot it. The magnetic protective cover fits perfectly with the interface and gives Mira extra security and protection.

In the box:
Boox Mira Monitor
Magnetic Stand Cover
HDMI Cable
USB-C cable