Ultimate Writing Feel, Stylus Pen, Sleeve, Tablift. Android 11, 10.3"' eReader/Tablet
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Onyx Boox Note Air2 Plus+FreeSleeve+Tablift White -2ndChance

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ACTION: Free Sleeve + Tablift (white)

This Note Air2 Plus has come from a return, within the trial period.
The device is 100% in order, no scratches or damage, works excellent, in short, completely as new. So it has only been out of the packaging for a while, looked at by a customer and returned.

Empower Work and Life with the Boox Note Air2 Plus
Bigger battery
Support magnetic stylus and case
pine green
The almost paper display, various screensavers and aluminum case are all vertically put together to make a strong structure.
Work smart and flexible

The flexible open Android 11.
A powerful CPU simplifies multiple tasks.
Large 4GB + 64GB storage and 5GB free cloud storage¹. Plus a papery, eye-friendly screen.
The productivity tools that empower your work and life.

Experience a problem-free eReader
Boost your reading and everyday use with the powerful reading system and G-sensor. Use in any direction, comfortably read any book and listen to audiobooks whenever you want.
Rotate the screen without tapping.
With the fast gravity sensor, the screen instantly rotates in the right direction, so you can continue with your tasks without interruption.
Read large files easily.
Open eBooks in any format.
Listen to your favorite stories.

Unleash creativity your way
Different digital tools allow you to take notes and sketch in different ways. Organize the points, visualize the ideas and show your creativity on the almost paper surface.

Power to do more
The latest BOOX Firmware brings new powerful features that improve the performance of the Note Air2 E Ink tablets. And the constant firmware updates² provide more tools to optimize your experience.

Magnetic Styluses
The fine nib and magnetic shaft make handwriting both beautiful and practical. And the optional Pen2 Pro's eraser makes it a superior pen for taking notes and drawing.

Optional: Protective covers
Keep the devices scratch free. The tablets can be horizontally supported by a conventional PC case.
En de magnetische hoes die is ontworpen voor de Note Air2 Plus maakt het gebruik gemakkelijker.

Note Air2
Note Air2 Plus
10.3’’ Paperlike Screen
Upgraded Octa-Core CPU
Android 11
3000mAh Battery
Large 4GB+64GB Storage
Support PC Case
Support Magnetic Stylus
Adjustable dual-tone front lights
Auto Rotation
Latest Firmware
Aluminum Body
5.8mm Thinness
10.3’’ Paperlike Screen
Upgraded Octa-Core CPU
Android 11
Large 3700mAh Battery
Large 4GB+64GB Storage
Support PC and Magnetic Cases
Support Magnetic Stylus
Adjustable dual-tone front lights
Auto Rotation
Latest Firmware
Aluminum Body
5.8mm Thinness

In the box:
Onyx BOOX Note Air2 Plus
BOOX Pen Plus stylus with magnets
USB-C Cable
Quick Start Guide
Warranty Sheet
ACTION: Free Sleeve + Tablift White

1. Boox is committed to offering 5GB Onyx cloud storage for free for all new and existing users. No matter which model you've purchased, you can get free 5GB cloud storage for each Onyx account to store your notes online and keep them safe and sound.

2. Boox is committed to providing free firmware updates for all models for more than 3 years since the product launch date. So every Boox user can get improved experiences through consistent updates.