ePaper Monitor for comfortable viewing + Stand-Cover
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Boox Mira 13.3" ePaper Monitor - 2nd Chance

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This Boox Mira has come from a return, within the trial period.
The device is 100% in order, no scratches or damage, works excellent, in short, completely as new. So it has only been out of the packaging for a while, looked at by a customer and returned.

BOOX 13,3" Mira ePaper Monitor
Just like paper. No tiring backlight lighting, but eye-friendly fronlight lighting (can also be switched off).
Enjoy content with the most comfortable view.

  • Industry-Leading Display Technology
  • Delivered with Magnetic Stand-Cover, HDMI cable + USB C cable.
  • Move fast, delay less.
  • Adjustable refresh speed.
  • Customizable Refresh Mode
  • Smooth different tasks.

Mira Software is used with Mira to adjust the monitor's and PC's settings quickly. Available soon.

Boox 13.3"Mira:
Resolutie 2200x1650
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Poorten: 3
Touch: Panel Supported

Text mode:

Video Mode:

Slideshow Mode:

*E Ink monitors' refresh speed is not as high as conventional monitors', and increased speed will result in more ghosting. Also, in the Extend Mode of PC connection, Mira's response speed depends on the PC's CPU.

The E Ink Secondary Monitor You're Looking for
Dual-light mode, varying from warm lights to cold lights can fit in every environment and every task.

View comfortably
13,3-inch E Ink screen with a high resolution of 2200*1650 en 207 dpi reduces blue light and eyestrain.

Sleek and portable
590 g, 5,6 mm at the thinnest point. The ultra-thin design using durable aluminium offers a portable experience.

Multiple Inputs
Mira can be connected to your computer, smartphone, and more devices with a USB Type-C port and a mini HDMI port. It's compatible with different systems, so you can enjoy complete flexibility.

System and Device Compatability

Touch and Control
The touch panel of Mira enables you to tap, drag, swipe and control the screen, all depending on your moves. The touch feature is available for Windows, macOS and Android.

Rest Assured to Use It in More Ways
The 75x75 VESA interface on the back of Mira makes it compatible with different mounts. So you can lift it up, tilt, swivel and pivot it. The magnetic protective case perfectly matches the interface and gives Mira extra security and protection.

In the box:
Boox Mira Monitor
Magnetic Stand Cover
HDMI Cable
USB C cable