Color Display, 16MP Camera, including Boox pen2 Pro met eraser
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Boox Tab ultra C + free Case + Stylus Nibs + Starly LED

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Free Magnetic Case + Stylus Nibs + Starly LED Lantern (in White or Black, you can choose)
Or upgrade very beneficial to a keyboard cover (choose in the dropdownmenu)

Tab Ultra C
A 10.3’’ HD color ePaper tablet PC with limitless possibilities.

Pastel Colors Balance Focus and Joy
The new Kaleido 3¹ screen's soothing and soft tones bring out the pleasure while maintaining a sense of calm to help you stay focused. Working on the Tab Ultra C will make you feel delighted, serene, and comfortable.

Every Pixel Counts for Comfort
High definition for both black-and-white and color content makes it easy and fun to read every word. The 50% thinner touch layer² makes each bit of electronic ink appears more like a color print on newspaper, creating a pleasant and peaceful view. And the anti-glare color ePaper screen allows you to work even in direct sunlight.

Swift and Smooth, Follow Your Move
Thanks to an exclusive GPU and BOOX Super Refresh Technology, you can enjoy a responsive color ePaper screen and increased efficiency.

Whether you're reading a report or searching for information online, the Tab Ultra C responds instantly to every tap, swipe, and pinch with four refresh modes, boosting your productivity and reducing latency in all types of work. It's also simple to remove afterimages with a blink by using the bottom gesture³ or navigation button⁴.
HD Mode lets you turn pages with the fewest afterimages.
Balanced Mode makes it easy to type and read.
Fast Mode speeds up page scrolling.
Ultrafast Mode helps you use apps and see dynamic content effortlessly.

See at a Glance What’s Important
With an HD color ePaper screen, you can distinguish colors and use different colors to mark up the important points on a close-to-paper screen.

No matter if it's a chart, diagram, or graph, you can easily tell the colors apart and grab the key points with colorful highlights, underlines, and handwritten text. You can also put as many files as you want in the 4GB+128GB storage and read more documents on a MicroSD card.

And the color books are limitless in the Tab Ultra C, which supports 24 digital formats⁵ ranging from PDF to HTML. You can read whatever you want and sync annotations across devices with the same Onyx account.

Use Colors to Spark Inspirations
Black and white improve concentration, while colors inspire. The Tab Ultra C with gentle colors combines both and assists you in writing down, organizing, and exploring more ideas.

A slew of useful tools in the built-in Notes app help you stay inspired, think deeper, and work more effectively.

Powerful hyperlinks connecting to note pages and websites
Rapid global search for handwritten content
Sync your notes across devices with a single tap
Keep your notes on 10GB of free cloud* storage

Work can be Cheerful and Smart

Working is easy with Android 11, the latest BOOX firmware**, and a powerful octa-core CPU. You can get the app you need, read the content you want, and revel in the allure of subtle but delightful colors.

And the Work Profile⁶ allows you to clone an app and isolate the workplace account from personal use, helping you to maintain a work-life balance.

Enjoy the Limitless Possibilities
Tab Ultra C, being an ePaper tablet PC, provides more than just colors. With various helpful features, you may work the way you choose while enjoying smoothness, efficiency, and a long battery life on a single charge.

Screen Auto-rotation
Fingerprint Sensor
16MP Doc-scan Camera
6300mAh Large Battery
Adjustable Front Lights⁷

Pair for Maximum Performance
The magnetic keyboard cover improves the productivity of the Tab Ultra C by providing an effortless typing and navigating experience.
Note-taking may be hampered if the keyboard is folded back.

More Versatile Accessories
Tab Ultra C also works with a magnetic three-fold case and a magnetic stylus. The versatile accessories make it more convenient for you to complete a variety of jobs.

Magnetic Three-fold Protective Case
The three-fold protective case can provide the most comfortable viewing angle for your reading and note-taking. And its lightweight and smooth artificial material can securely protect the device while adding minimal burden to your outdoor activities.

Magnetic Stylus with an Eraser
Taking notes on the Tab Ultra C is a breeze with the Pen2 Pro. You can use the precise nib to select a tool and write tiny strokes thanks to the 4,096 pressure levels. And when you erase on the ePaper screen, the bouncing eraser⁸ will provide a lifelike feeling.

With the Features You Love

* BOOX is committed to offering 10GB Onyx cloud storage for free for all new and existing users. No matter which model you've purchased, you can get free 10GB cloud storage for each Onyx account to store your notes online and keep them safe and sound.

** BOOX is committed to providing free firmware updates for all models for more than 3 years since the product launch date. So every BOOX user can get improved experiences through consistent updates.

[1] The Kaleido 3 screen is E Ink's most recent ePaper color screen. It offers a relatively high refresh rate, relaxing hues, and is ready for mass production with consistent quality. And with E Ink ComfortGaze™ on the Kaleido 3, a new front light technology, the Tab Ultra C with adjustable front lights can offer a comfortable viewing experience day and night.

[2] The Tab Ultra C, like the Tab Ultra, employs a 50% thinner touch layer to bring content closer to the screen, allowing users to sense less gap under the glass screen on top and have a clearer vision and more responsive touching experience.

[3] [4] The bottom gestures and navigation buttons can be set up at Settings>System Navigation.

[5] Tab Ultra C is compatible with 24 digital formats, including PDF, DJVU, CBR, CBZ, EPUB, AZW3, MOBI, TXT, DOC, DOCX, FB2, CHM, RTF, HTML, ZIP, PRC, PPT, PPTX, PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF, WAV, and MP3.

[6] Work Profile is a new feature that comes with the Tab Ultra C's V3.3.2 BOOX firmware. It is also offered in some of our models.

[7] The Tab Ultra C features 36 bulbs that light up the screen from the front, preventing light from entering your eyes directly and reducing eye strain. In addition, we improved the front-lighting module to ensure that the screen is illuminated more evenly. And the Tab Ultra C's front lights use Direct Current (DC) technology to reduce flashes when the screen brightness is changed, making it easier on the eyes.

[8] The digital eraser of Pen2 Pro has a spring design that gives you a slight bouncing sensation when using it, similar to using an eraser on a sheet of paper.

Colors appear differently on computer monitors and cell phone displays. The color of the product and its screen is subject to the actual product.

Screen: 10.3" Kaleido 3 (4,096 colors) Carta 1200 glass screen with flat cover-lens
Resolution: B/W: 2480 x 1860 (300 ppi) Color: 1240 x 930 (150 ppi)
Touch: BOOX stylus touch (4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity) + capacitive touch
CPU: Qualcomm Advanced Octa-core
ROM: 128GB (UFS2.1)
Connectivity: Wi-Fi (2.4GHz + 5GHz) + BT 5.0
Front Light with CTM (Warm and Cold)
G-sensor for Auto Rotation
16MP Rear Camera

OS: Android 11
Image Formats: PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF
Audio Formats: WAV, MP3
Supports 3rd-party apps

Button: Power Button with Fingerprint Recognition
USB-C Port (Supports OTG or use as an audio jack)
microSD Card Slot
Built-in Dual Speakers
Built-in Dual Microphones
Battery: 6,300mAh Li-ion Polymer
Dimensions: 225 x 184.5 x 6.7 mm (8.9" x 7.3" x 0.26")
Weight: Approx. 480g (16.9oz)


In de doos:
BOOX Tab Ultra
BOOX Pen2 Pro (Zwart)
USB-C kabel
Card Tray Eject Tool
Quick Start Gids
Garantie Sheet

Magnetische Hoes
Stylus Nibs
Starly LED Lantern (in White or Black, you can make your choise)

BOOX Tab Ultra C Spec

Qualcomm Octa-core  + BSR GPU


128GB UFS2.1

10.3" Kaleido 3 (4096 colors) Carta1200 glass screen with flat cover-lens

B/W: 2480 x 1860 (300 ppi)  
Color: 1240 x 930 (150 ppi)

Dual Touch
BOOX Pen2 Pro stylus touch with magnetic type  + capacitive touch + front light with CTM

Front Light with CTM (Warm and Cold)

Wireless Connection
WiFi (2.4GHz + 5GHz)

BT 5.0

6300mAh Polymer Li-on

power button with fingerprint recognition

USB-C (support OTG), TF card (support 2T max.)




Rear camera
Android 11

pdf (reflowable), epub, Adobe DRM, txt, rtf, html, chm, doc, fb2

png, jpg, tiff, gif, bmp

wav, mp3

TTS, Notes, Scribble, Dictionary, Calendar

All languages with Android 11

Firmware update
OTA update or Locally update

Approximately 480g

USB-C cable

BOOX Pen2 Pro stylus with magnetic

Quick Start Guide

Warranty card

magnetic protective case, keyboard cover (optional)

5V/3A Charger (optional)

gift box