Android 11, warm/cold light
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Boox Poke5 - 2nd chance- with FREE Wakeup/Sleep Cover

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Now at Free Boox wakeup/sleep cover

This device was returned within the inspection period. So it was only briefly unpacked, turned on, tested and sent back.
So 100% in order, no damage, completely complete, original packaging, back to factory settings.

Compact. Joyful. On the go.

Our Most Compact 6" eReader
Thanks to its optimized internal construction, the Poke5 boasts a screen-to-body ratio that is unmatched by any other eReader. It is designed to be the most refined device that you have ever seen to ensure a better grip and viewing comfort with ease.

6" 300 PPI E-inktscherm
microSD Card Slot
Qualcomm quad-core CPU
1,500mAh Li-ion Battery
Dual Band Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 5.0
Magnet (for magnetic cover)

300 PPI High-Resolution ePaper Screen
The 6" touchscreen with E Ink Carta technology delivers exceptional clarity and contrast at 300 PPI, creating a reading experience similar to reading on paper and minimizing eye fatigue. The flush screen design provides excellent impact resistance for the core component of the ePaper screen.

Flexible Storage with Portability
With the upgraded configuration of 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM, the Poke5 is able to carry all your digital contents on the go, and even expandable with a microSD card or a USB-C flash drive. What's more, every user can enjoy 10GB free cloud storage for Onyx cloud services once you are registered.*

All-round Ebook Functionality
The pre-installed NeoReader can handle a wide range of commonly used ebook formats including EPUB, MOBI, TXT, CBR, and many more. With the ability to highlight and annotate inspiring paragraphs, you can easily share your favorite excerpts with friends without hassle.

Ultra Lightweight for One Hand Carry
It fits your palm perfectly whether you carry it with or without the magnetic cover. Include an additional magnetic cover to provide excellent protection and save up to 50% with the exclusive bundle now.

Experience the Joy of eReading

Personalize with Third-Party Apps
Enter de Google Play Store
Powered by the open Android 11 system, your familiar online reading platforms and news feeds are just at your fingertips.

Catch Up with New Features
Besides every functionality in the pre-loaded firmware, more new features and improvements will be available as we roll out regular firmware updates via OTA.**

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6" ePaper Screen
300 PPI Resolution
Supports magnetic cover
Supports microSD card
Built-in microphone
2 GB RAM + 32 GB ROM
Qualcomm Quad-Core CPU
Android 11
1,500mAh Battery
Adjustable Dual-Tone Front Lights
148 x 108 x 6.8 mm
6" ePaper Screen
212 PPI Resolution
2 GB RAM + 16 GB ROM
Qualcomm Quad-Core CPU
Android 11
1,500mAh Battery
Adjustable Dual-Tone Front Lights
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