Ultimate Writing Feel, Stylus Pen, free extra's. Android 12, 10.3"' eReader/Tablet
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Boox Note Air3 2nd chance + Free Magn Cover + Stylus Nibs

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PROMOTION, only for orders at Free Boox Magnetic Stand Cover Case and Stylus Nibs (total value of €70.98)

This device was returned within the inspection period. So it was only briefly unpacked, turned on, tested and sent back.
So 100% in order, no damage, completely complete, original packaging, back to factory settings.

Incredible flexibility in an elegant paper-thin tablet.

Free your mind, visualize your vision, and feel eyestrain-free.
All you need is the Note Air3 series tablet. With the flexible Android 12 OS, a close-to-paper screen, and tons of note-taking and reading tools with faster performance, it's made for the creative, the flexible, and the open-minded. It's made for you.

Monochrome Screen

You can concentrate better when everything is black and white. With the Note Air3's monochrome paperlike screen, you can get into a flow state easily. And the 227PPI resolution of the HD screen gives a sharp image for any content and an outstanding contrast.

Extreme B&W
for better focus

E Ink Carta 1200
is crisp and clear

Master the Magic of Creating
With its various tools for arts and note-taking, the Note Air3 series tablets are ready to replace your paper notebook, save you piles of paper, and help you come up with more ideas in work and study.

Scribble Your Thoughts in a Smart Way
The Note Air3 series tablets with the latest BOOX firmware completely changes the way you take notes and read books. You can annotate books with handwritten notes and easily turn those scribbles into perfect shapes, highlights, underlines, and delete your handwriting using the Smart Scribe feature.

17 Formats

Handwritten Notes
on all digital books

More Powerful Tools
for true focus and productivity

The strong tools on the Note Air3 tablets make reading a breeze.
You can open a lot of different types of digital files and effortlessly annotate, share, and search for information.
And use more flexible tools like Article Mode and TTS (Text-to-Speech) to achieve easy and focused reading.

Empowered by Upgraded Flexibility

Convenient Split Screen
Easy File Transfer
Seamless Syncing
Flexible Android 12 OS
Use two apps at once or read books while taking notes. The flexible split screen feature takes Note Air3 to a higher level and gives you more possibilities to think, create and get things done.
Send files from your computer and mobile device, or download files from the Note Air3 - you can do both easily using the built-in BOOXDrop³. Enjoy limitless transfer.
Sync your colorful notes and book annotations to the cloud⁴ so you can review them whenever and wherever you want.
Download the colorful apps from the Google Play Store, and use OneNote, Evernote and WPS⁵ smoothly to capture your thoughts and collaborate with others.

Get Better Ideas without Restraints

Fingerprint Sensor

Unlock the device with a single tap.

Durable Battery

Take pleasure in the extended use⁶ of an eye-friendly ePaper tablet.

Adjustable Front Lights

Write, read and browse at any time.

MicroSD Card Slot

Expand the device’s memory to a maximum of 2T.
Gravity Sensor

View the screen from any direction.
OTG Function

Connect a USB flash drive⁷ and read its contents immediately.

Made for Boundless Thinking and Creativity in Work and Life

The Only ePaper Reader and Notebook You’ll Ever Need

  • Smart Scribe.
  • Colorful brushes, shapes, and lines.
  • Built-in and custom templates.
  • Layers.
  • Lasso.
  • Free handwritten notes conversion.
  • Text notes.
  • Hyperlinks to notes, files and web pages.
  • Content tags.
  • Insertion of pictures and recordings.
  • Quick search of notes.
  • Custom note cover.
  • Note syncing Onyx cloud and third-party cloud storage.
  • Note sharing through email and third-party apps.

  • 17 ebook formats compatibility⁸.
  • Smart Scribe.
  • Colorful highlights and underlines.
  • Colorful handwritten notes.
  • Embed notes into PDFs.
  • Split screen with another file, translation and a note.
  • Quick lookup of content.
  • Dictionary.
  • TTS (Text to Speech).
  • Annotations syncing to other BOOX devices with the same account⁹.

  • 10GB free cloud storage*.
  • Two-way file transfer between computer and mobile.
  • Google Play Store.
  • Custom screensaver.
  • Two-app split screen.
  • Kids mode.
  • Auto rotation.
  • Fingerprint lock.
  • Password lock.
  • Multiple system languages and language inputs.
  • Eye-friendly front lights.
  • Regular firmware updates**.

* BOOX is committed to offering 10GB Onyx cloud storage for free for all new and existing users. No matter which model you've purchased, you can get free 10GB cloud storage for each Onyx account to store your notes online and keep them safe and sound.
** BOOX is committed to providing free firmware updates for all models for more than 3 years since the product launch date. So every BOOX user can get improved experiences through consistent updates.

[1] The Kaleido 3 screen is E Ink's most recent ePaper color screen. It offers a relatively high refresh rate, relaxing hues, and is ready for mass production with consistent quality. And with E Ink ComfortGaze™ on the Kaleido 3, a new front light technology, the Note Air3 C with adjustable front lights can offer a comfortable viewing experience day and night. The new screen and its front light technology may generate a tiny side shadow, which may be eliminated by adjusting the screen brightness and color temperature. If you have any queries about the new E Ink technology, you can contact our customer care at any time.
[2] BOOX Super Refresh Technology (BSR) is an exclusive innovation unveiled by BOOX in 2022 to improve the refresh performance and image quality of its ePaper products. The BSR technology with four refresh modes can make the image run smoothly or reduce ghosting.
[3] BOOXDrop is a feature built into BOOX Android devices. Users can activate the BOOXDrop and use the LAN (Local Area Network) to perform two-way transfers quickly between BOOX and computer and mobile devices.
[4] Users can sync their book annotations and notes to the Onyx cloud and view them at (US server,) (EU server,) or BOOX Assistant in mobile.
[5] We improved the display performance of OneNote, Evernote, and WPS, allowing them to run more smoothly on our ePaper screens.
[6] The Note Air3 can last for weeks in standby mode without any network or Bluetooth connections.
[7] The Note Air3 type C interface supports OTG (On the Go), allowing users to connect a USB flash drive and other peripherals to the device.
[8] The Note Air3 is compatible with 24 digital formats, including PDF, DJVU, CBR, CBZ, EPUB, AZW3, MOBI, TXT, DOC, DOCX, FB2, CHM, RTF, HTML, ZIP, PRC, PPT, PPTX, PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF, WAV, and MP3.
[9] The same Onyx account, the same book in the same folder, and synchronization enabled are required for book annotation syncing across different BOOX devices.


Screen: 10.3" HD Carta 1200 glass screen with flat cover-lens
Resolution: 1404x1872 Carta (227 ppi)
Touch: BOOX stylus touch (4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity) + capacitive touch
CPU: Qualcomm 2.4Ghz Octa-core
ROM: 64GB (UFS2.2)
Connectivity: Wi-Fi (2.4GHz + 5GHz) + BT 5.0
Front Light with CTM (Warm and Cold)
G-sensor for Auto Rotation

OS: Android 12
Image Formats: PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF
Audio Formats: WAV, MP3
Supports 3rd-party apps

Other Specs
Button: Power Button with Fingerprint Recognition
USB-C Port (Supports OTG or use as an audio jack)
microSD Card Slot
Built-in Dual Speakers
Built-in Microphone
Battery: 3,700mAh Li-ion Polymer
Dimensions: 226*193*5.8mm (8.9" x 7.6" x 0.23")
Weight: Approx. 450g (15.2oz)


What's In The Box
BOOX Note Air3 x 1
BOOX Pen Plus x 1
USB-C Cable x 1
Card Tray Eject Tool x 1
Quick Start Guide x 1
Warranty Sheet x 1

ACTION (only at Free Magnetic Cover, Stylus Nibs

BOOX Note Air3 (227ppi Edition) Spec

Qualcomm 2.4GHz Octa-core  (6225)


64GB UFS2.2

10.3" HD Carta glass screen with flat cover-lens

1404*1872 Carta (227ppi) /Regal

Dual Touch
BOOX Pen Plus stylus touch with magnetic type  + capacitive touch + front light with CTM

Front Light with CTM (Warm and Cold)

Wireless Connection
WiFi (2.4GHz + 5GHz)

BT 5.0

3700mAh Polymer Li-on

power button with fingerprint recognition

USB-C (support OTG), MicroSD card (support 2T max.)

Dual Speakers



Back panel
Cosmic Black back metal panel with magnets inside (fit for magnetic case)
Android 12

pdf (reflowable), epub, Adobe DRM, txt, rtf, html, chm, doc, fb2

png, jpg, tiff, gif, bmp

wav, mp3

TTS, Notes, Scribble, Dictionary, Calendar

All languages with Android 12

Firmware update
OTA update or Locally update

approximate 430g

USB-C cable

BOOX Pen Plus stylus with magnetic

Quick Start Guide

Warranty card

protective case (optional)

gift box