Handy and beautiful cover with Standard, click-in model
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Onyx Boox Note Air(2) Luxury Stand Cover Gray

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Original Onyx Boox Flip cover with wakeup/sleep function, especially for the Onyx Boox Note Air (2) 10.3" e-reader.
The cover is a so-called 'book cover, which protects your entire e-reader well. You open it like a book.

You can easily click the cover on your e-reader.
Once the e-reader is in the case, you never have to turn it on or off again. Open your cover and the e-reader will come out of sleep mode and if you close it again, it will go back to sleep mode.
You can also put the e-reader in a portrait position, for a comfortable posture and for different viewing angles.
All inputs and outputs are easily accessible when the e-reader is in the cover. So you never have to remove the e-reader.

The cover is made of PU leather with an antibacterial coating.
Book-open design. When you use it, you open it like a book
Comes with Auto Sleep/Wake-up functions.
Stand features that allow you to view your Note Air screen from different angles.