Would you like to have browse buttons? Then buy this beautiful cover
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Nova Air Magnetic Cover with Scroll Buttons - Silver

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E-readers with scroll buttons are almost non-existent anymore these days.
But with this beautiful Magnetic Case with Pogo Pin scroll buttons you not only have good protection for your beautiful e-reader, but you also turn your Nova Air into an e-reader with scroll buttons.
You simply click the e-reader into the cover on the pogo pins and the cover makes contact with your device and you can browse.

Protect your Boox Nova Air in style with this white 7.8" Boox Nova Air E-Ink Tablet Case Cover. The lightweight cover is specially designed for the Boox Nova Air and can be magnetically attached to the tablet, protecting it 7.8" screen against bumps and scratches. The cover also helps to provide a natural and comfortable reading experience by adding physical buttons that allow you to quickly turn pages.